How to Install WordPress CORRECTLY using Softaculous

The above video explains how to install Wordpress correctly from Softaculous available in your cPanel.


However let us have the steps here as well if you do not wish to see the video tutorial.

Step1: Login to cPanel by visiting

Step2: Search & click on "Wordpress" or "Wordpress Manager by Softaculous"

Step3: Click on Install button

Step4: Read the online installation form carefully

Step5: Select wordpress version to the latest from the dropdown.

Step6: Select https:// or https://www if you have SSL installed on your website else please use http:// or http://www

Step7: Select the domain on which you wish to install wordpress on

Step8: This "In directory" field box is very important (remove anything which is pre-written in this box) else wordpress will be installed in url which we are sure, you certainly do not want to.

Step9: Scroll down to Admin Details column

Step10: Choose your choice of Username (Remember it should not contain space and should be 1 word. Also never choose admin as username as it is very easy for hackers to hack your website)

Step11: Choose your choice of Password (Difficult, try to use words + numbers + symbol)

Step 12: Choose Admin Email ID: We would suggest you to always enter your personal email ID and not official one as it becomes easy to retrieve password in case you forgets it.

Step 13: Rest, Leave everything as it and click on "Install" button available at the bottom of the page

Step 14: Here you go! The Wordpress Installation is completed!! Enjoy


Feel free to reach us on in case of any further support.


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